SMOLINSKI INTERACTIVE DESIGN ("SID") is a fully vertical web development and computer graphics vendor. In the new technological era, proper projection will manifest efficient processes and accurate schedules. Creativity, problem solving, and flexibility can be leveraged to realize an innovative impact. Knowing the broad spectrum of today's developer's tools can lead to a tailored toolkit that can maximize the life span of an investment, address budget constraints, and target appropriate users.

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Web & Mobile Based User Interface Development - Design / Web Development

Multi-Media Marketing Campaign Strategy

Corporate Identity / Corporate Web Presence

Custom Online Training / E-learning

LMS / DMS / CMS / User Managment Systems

Flash-based Interactive Applications for web, local machine, or DVD

Secure E-commerce Packages


- Planning
- Design
- Development
- Lifecycle

Planning. Define the scope of work. Create timelines. Complete paperwork.

Design. Dream big and set lofty goals. Let the message emerge.

Develop. Stick to the timelines. Redundancy and padding is built in. Assess and adjust at each milestone.

Lifecycle. Open the system to the next generation.

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